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I help women to overcome the feelings and emotions that are stopping them from enjoying being a parent.


Hope Birth and Beyond

Hello and welcome to my website.

Whether you’re considering starting or extending your family, are expecting your baby or have already given birth, sometimes we need a little extra help and support.

There are a number of ways that I can help.

  • Talking through your thoughts and feelings can help you to understand why you’re feeling the way that you do.  Talking helps to release those feelings and emotions by allowing yourself to hear them spoken aloud and acknowledging them. Talking through your feelings, whether regarding your birth experience, ante/post-natal depression, bereavement or anything else which is troubling you can help you to move forward and find peace through your own understanding.
  • Hypnotherapy is an effective tool at changing your response to a number of issues and situations including fertility issues, stress and anxiety, habits, fears and phobias and quitting smoking.   It can also help for birth preparation to allow you to feel relaxed and in control through labour and childbirth. It is undertaken through a process of deep relaxation which opens the subconscious mind to accept new ways of thinking and is done following an in-depth consultation to create a plan of treatment which helps you deal with the issues and create new patterns of behaviour.
  • BWRT® is a quick and effective way of changing your response to triggers that have caused you a problem in the past.  It is not like any other type of therapy that you may have experienced and is a more ‘content free’ format so you don’t necessarily explore the feelings or reasons behind why you’re feeling or behaving in the way that you are, you simply change your response allowing you to be free of whatever was holding you back.  This works well for a number of issues including stress, anxiety, unwanted habits, fears and phobias, confidence and mild depression.  If you’d like more information on BWRT, please take a look at www.bwrt.org.  

I’m now able to offer Neals Yard products to help you feel balanced and calm.  There’s also a wonderful range of Mum, Mum-to-be and Baby products for your to enjoy.  Take a look here

“Catherine is extremely knowledgeable about birth and birth issues. She offered me lots of practical help and tailored the hypnotherapy treatments to my particular concerns. I am now feeling much more positive and relaxed about my prospective labour. K”

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Hope Birth and BeyondHope Birth and Beyond

Hope Birth and Beyond

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