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I help women to overcome the feelings and emotions that are stopping them from enjoying being a parent.


Hope Birth and Beyond

Hello and welcome to my website.

When it comes to anything associated with having a baby, I believe that women and couples have a voice and deserve the opportunity to be heard.  Whatever your circumstances, if they’re stopping you from enjoying parenthood then together we can acknowledge them and find a way forward.

  • I help women who are struggling to have a baby to explore their thoughts and clear the blocks that may be preventing them from achieving their dream
  • I help women who are expecting a baby to experience a calm and relaxed pregnancy and feel in control during childbirth
  • I help mums who feel a sense of frustration or failure regarding any aspect of their birthing experience to feel acknowledged and value their self-worth
  • I help mums who feel helpless, guilty, angry, alone and overwhelmed following the birth of their baby to feel valued, acknowledged, manage their expectations and recognize their self-worth

Whether you’re wanting to deal with fears and phobias surrounding pregnancy and the birth, learn how to use hypnosis to help you relax and feel in control during childbirth, deal with your birth trauma or need help to remove blocks that may be stopping your from achieving your dream of having a baby, I can help through specialist Counselling and Hypnotherapy and many years of experience of working within a maternity environment.

“Catherine is extremely knowledgeable about birth and birth issues. She offered me lots of practical help and tailored the hypnotherapy treatments to my particular concerns. I am now feeling much more positive and relaxed about my prospective labour. K”

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