Fear of Pregnancy

We often hear of women having a fear of childbirth, but it’s amazing how many women fear pregnancy itself. This can come from a number of reasons and because of the nature of the fear, it is often unseen as it can be strong enough to leave women avoiding pregnancy altogether. Those who do become pregnant find it a difficult time and may not feel that they can go through it more than once.

For the many women who don’t have such a fear, it can seem a bizarre fear to have. All women are, in theory, born with the ability to have a baby (although some may struggle for medical reasons which are only diagnosed through fertility investigations). If this is something that is an innate part of our existence, then why should we fear it?

A fear of pregnancy can come from a variety of different routes. An obvious cause could well be through a previous experience which proved difficult and left the mother to feel that she could not go through the experience again. Whether through physical difficulties from the pregnancy to a difficult experience post-nataly, it can be enough to stop a mum feeling that she can become pregnant again.

A woman who has not yet had a baby may have heard stories from others about their experience and it can be enough to cause a fear of becoming pregnant herself. This cause is not unlike a fear of childbirth in a first time mum for the same reasons. The power of learning what others have gone through can be enough to instil a fear in someone who has never themselves been through the experience.

Another less obvious cause is related to what we absorb when we’re young – particularly when we are warned against something from someone in authority like a parent, teacher or mentor. A woman who was told not to get pregnant when as a teenager she started seeing her first boyfriend or the daughter of parents who had very strict views on sex or pregnancy before marriage may find that even though they are now in a loving committed relationship, their subconscious mind is still blocking them from either conceiving in the first place or if they do conceive, result in a fear of the pregnancy related to the fear of the consequences of becoming pregnant.  A sense of guilt related to pregnancy, even though there is nothing to feel guilty about, can manifest as a fear of pregnancy.

Whatever the cause of your fear of pregnancy, you’re not the only one who feels this way. It is far more common than you think and can be helped by hypnosis. Releasing the fear can enable you to feel ready to have a baby and enjoy the experience like any mum-to-be should expect to.

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