Increase fertility with self talk

When you’re struggling to conceive and want to increase fertility, particularly when you’ve had the medical investigations and everything has come back clear, it can be easy to slip into negative self-talk.  That means that every conversation in your head and out loud probably starts with the words ‘I can’t’ or similar.  So it goes something like this, ‘I can’t get pregnant’, ‘Why can’t I have a baby?’, ‘It’s really hard to get pregnant’ or even ‘it feels like everyone can get pregnant except me’.

So how does what we say decrease or increase fertility?

Whether we realise it or not, our mind and body are very in tune so if your mind is saying one thing, how can you expect your body to do something else.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to take a step back and start to take notice of what you’re thinking and saying.  First of all, don’t panic.  You’re now aware of it which means that you can do something about it.

Become aware of negative words such as can’t, haven’t or don’t and notice how they feel.  Once you start to become aware of them you’ll hear them everywhere but don’t worry about that, it’s the stuff that YOU’RE thinking and saying that counts, not what others are saying.

Once you’re aware of them, turn them around.  Instead of ‘I can’t’ change it to ‘I can’.  Even though it may well feel false or wrong at first just stick with it.  It’s a bit like the ‘hands together’ test.  Clasp your hands like the picture above and then release your hands and do the same again.  What you’ll probably find is that you put them back together in exactly the same way.  So this time, put them together with the other thumb on top.  How does it feel?  Probably quite strange but if you try to put your hands together in this way regularly, then it will start to become normal.

The same goes for positive self-talk.  When you keep undoing the way that you’re thinking and putting your thoughts back together in a positive way, it will become normal.

Once you start changing the thought patterns, they in turn increase the possibility of your body being in tune with your mind.

You can’t overlook the mind-body connection so the first step is to create a positive connection between the two.


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