Post Birth

When you’ve had a baby, there is a great expectation that you’ll feel complete contentment and pure joy at all times.  The reality is that after giving birth, you are often exhausted, emotional, feeling guilty about all the things that you think that you should be doing and sometimes feeling a sense of frustration or failure surrounding either the birth itself or in your ability as a parent.

If any of these feelings are familiar to you then you will know what a lonely place this is.  I offer a safe place to talk about your feelings and the expectations that you carry as a mother.

These feelings often fall into either Birth Trauma or Post-Natal Depression.  I can help through the following:

Birth Trauma:

Mums who, for whatever reason, feel a sense of frustration or failure surrounding any aspect of their birth experience.  This can also encompass those who have been through a difficult birth physically and want to talk through their feelings or deal with any fears that have resulted from their experience

Baby BEAR (Birth Experience and Reflection):

A Workshop for a small group of parents to talk through their birth experience and work through their thoughts and feelings

Post-Natal Depression:

Mums who are experiencing a sense of guilt, hopelessness, helplessness or are feeling overwhelmed by motherhood.  If you are experiencing any of these feelings, I offer a safe place for you to talk and work through your thoughts and feelings.

Life After Birth:

A 6 week course that helps mums to adapt to parenthood.  The course starts off with Birth Reflection giving everyone the opportunity to talk through their birth experience then moves on to adapting to parenthood and managing their expectations.


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