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When you’re trying to start or expand your family, it should be an exciting time.  Unfortunately for some couples, it can be a stressful time too.

Sometimes things can take longer than planned and this can increase your stress levels and put pressure on your relationship.  This in turn can make it more difficult to conceive.

Unfortunately there are many reasons why things may not happen as quickly as you’d like.  Whether you’re undergoing medical treatment for fertility already and would like to enhance your chances of a positive outcome or you have had investigations with or without a diagnosis as to why it’s taking time to get pregnant, Hypnotherapy can help.

file1861291926088I use Hypnotherapy to help you achieve your individual goal.  In this case, your goal will be specific to you in helping you deal with whatever it is that will increase your chances of having a baby.

In Hypnotherapy terms, a goal of ‘having a baby’ is not so simple but a goal of ‘reducing my stress levels’ is.  You may wish to work with regulating your menstrual cycle or hormone levels, deal with a past trauma or come to terms with the loss of a baby.  You may need to simply give yourself permission to have a baby now or forgive a past decision regarding family plans.  You may also have had a traumatic birth experience and be frightened of going through it again.

There are many reasons why women and couples have difficulty in having a baby and although there may be medical reasons for this, quite often there are psychological blocks in place that need to be worked with before you can move forward.  How many times have you heard of women having IVF then conceiving naturally a second time or a couple being on the waiting list for IVF then conceiving naturally?  Sometimes this is due to the pressure being taken off them and then they’re able to relax and nature can run it’s course.

As with any form of fertility treatment, there are no guarantees regarding the outcome of treatment.  I work with prospective parents to enhance their chances of conceiving a baby or to help them through their feelings of grief whether for a lost baby or the inability to have a baby.

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