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Quit smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking?  Are you concerned about the health of your family as well as your own?  Are you planning a baby and want to get into the best state health wise for pregnancy?  Have you had enough of being hassled constantly by those who love you about your habit?  If you think that’s fine for them, they don’t have to do the hard work then I’ve got some good news.  With Hypnotherapy, it doesn’t have to be hard.

When you use words like giving up, it suggests something which involves time and effort.  When you’re ready to quit, to become a Non-Smoker and feel all the benefits of being a Non-Smoker, then you can have more energy, feel so much fitter and healthier  and know that from the very moment that you made that decision, that you’re well on the way to recovery from the effects of smoking.  With Hypnotherapy, it can be easy.

The most important thing is that you’re ready to quit.  If you’re not fully committed, it will usually mean that you’ll find it more difficult and if you’re only quitting for money, sadly it’s less likely to work.  The best way to help yourself when you’re ready to quit is to really dig deep and work out why you want to stop smoking and what you’ll gain when you become a Non-smoker.  Know why you’re ready to quit right now.  The more you increase your motivation, the better your chances of success with hypnotherapy.

Good reasons to quit, particularly if you’re planning to start a family or are already pregnant are that smoking can harm your baby by reducing the level of oxygen that your baby receives.  Most people are aware that babies born to smokers tend to be small but often don’t realise it’s because they’re being denied oxygen in the womb every time their mother has a cigarette.

I offer a specialist Stop Smoking session aimed at those planning a baby and mums-to-be to explain how smoking can cause harm to your baby and reinforce the good reasons to stop to give your baby the best possible start.

Many clients quit in as little as a single session here at my Practice in Lower Earley, Reading.  When you’re ready to quit, give me a call and find out how easy it can be.

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