Support with Bereavement

When we think about having a baby, we think of the positive side of enjoying the pleasure of cuddling your new baby and all the love that can bring.  Sadly, for some parents, they suffer the tragic loss of their baby, whether earlier in the pregnancy through a miscarriage, through their difficult choice to terminate the pregnancy for whatever reason, the discovery that their baby has died later in pregnancy, through a sudden still-birth or shortly after the birth itself.  Any of these situations are difficult to deal with and often parents find that those around them are also finding it difficult and are frightened to talk about it in case they cause further upset so parents feel that they should keep their feelings and emotions to themselves.

Any parent going through this situation will have such a mixture of emotions and reminders around them.  People don’t know what to say so cross the street to avoid the difficulty of the conversation and often the parents just want their baby to be acknowledged.

It may be that those around you, even those who are close to you never knew that you were expecting a baby and you may feel that you want to protect them from the pain of knowing of your loss but this can result in you carrying your grief silently with you and finding it harder to deal with.

Coping with bereavement can remain with you for some time and it can become more difficult to cope with as time moves on and the people around you start to assume that you’re moving on too.  Those who have lost a baby at whatever stage can carry it with them for many years.

If you’ve lost a baby at any stage of your pregnancy or after giving birth and you feel that you’d like to talk to someone about it, please contact me for more details.

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