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Bringing Your Baby Home:    £30

A single workshop aimed at parents-to-be towards the end of pregnancy to help you prepare for when you’ve had your baby and are ready to come home and get on with your family life together.  This is aimed at giving parents tips for helping to make decisions, look after yourselves and get the best from those first few days when you have hit the ground running as a parent.  I’ll cover everything from feeding to sleeping, cuddling your baby to choosing a name to help you enjoy those first few days.  There’s even a section to help alleviate your concerns about going to the loo!

Although a lot of the content of this workshop will be familiar to those who already have children, there is a lot of useful information which you may still find useful and a section which is particularly aimed at introducing your baby to the rest of your family.

This course has a strong emotional element to help you adapt to the changes that having a family brings as well as giving practical tips to help you through.

At the end of the workshop there will be a short relaxation session to help you to enjoy the end of your pregnancy and look forward to the birth of your baby

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Alternatively, you can buy the book that accompanies this course here


Caesarean without fear    £25

  • Are you planning to give birth by Caesarean Section?
  •  Did you have an emergency Caesarean Section previously and you’re feeling nervous at the prospect of having another one?
  • Are you planning a normal birth but you’re worried that it could become a Caesarean Section and you want to feel prepared?


This workshop is aimed at mums who know they’re having a Caesarean Section, those who’ve had a previous Section and feel nervous because of what happened last time and even if you’re not planning to deliver this way, if you just want more information and to feel more prepared, then this is for you.

I have many years of experience of caring for women who’ve had Caesarean Sections and have helped them both practically in their recovery and emotionally when they want or need to talk through their experiences and understand what happened and why.

Whether it’s fear of the unknown, wondering how you’ll cope with surgery and caring for a baby or want to know how to relax on the day and what it will be like, this workshop will give you lots of information on how to care for yourself both physically and emotionally and help to allay any fears regarding the birth.

This is a 2½ hour workshop which will give you the opportunity to talk through what you find scary, I’ll give you lots of information to prepare you for not only the op itself, but to help with your recovery and enjoying your baby and your family. The course will contain a relaxation session where I’ll teach you how to relax on the day and give you some really useful tools to help you cope with your nerves.

This will be a small group (maximum 4 mums-to-be) so you can feel relaxed and free to talk in the comfort of a small group of other expectant mums who’ll know how you’re feeling.

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The workshop is £25 and includes a 30 minute relaxation session.

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Baby BEAR (Birth Experience and Reflection): £20

Having a baby should be a joyous time for any parent.  Sometimes things may not quite go according to plan.  This can mean different things to different people.  Perhaps you didn’t go into labour naturally and needed to be induced.  Perhaps you needed an instrumental delivery (forceps or ventouse) or a Caesarean Section (planned or emergency).  Or it may even be that your labour went on longer than you anticipated, your baby needed a little help following the birth or even that the baby delivered before you had a chance to get to where you had planned to deliver.  It may also be that the feeding didn’t go according to plan or that you’ve just found it hard to adapt to parenthood.  Whatever the reason, if it’s bothering you, then it’s important.

Baby BEAR allows time to talk through your feelings and share with other parents who also feel they would like to reflect on their birth experience  It’s often a lonely time when you’ve just had a baby, not in the sense of being alone, but in feeling that no-one knows how you feel.  I have many years of experience in working with women in maternity as well as being a mum and understand that this can be a challenging transition as well as a time full of joy.  No matter how many children you’ve had, sometimes it’s good to explore your thoughts about your experience.

The group workshops will be no larger than 6 parents to allow everyone time to speak about their experience.  The workshop will last for 2 hours and at the end of the session, the group can decide if they would like to meet again for a further session which I can arrange for each individual group.

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